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Le Chateau Silhouette Boutique is a Greenville, SC based retail rental shop of bridal dresses and accessories. Founded and operated by Roberta Laymon. Le Chateau Silhouette will meet the unmet market demand of formal wedding wear that is rented as opposed to purchased.

Traditionally, participants in the bride's wedding party are required to buy their dresses for the wedding, yet they have no input as to what the dress looks like. They are told exactly what dress they need to purchase. More often than not the dresses are horrendous looking and after the occasion they remain in the closet collecting dust indefinitely.

It is therefore very practical to provide people with the option of renting a dress in light of the fact that the dress will only be used once. This makes the event far more cost effective, yet just as fashionable. Men can rent tuxedos, now women can rent bridal dresses.

Let's begin...

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Le Chateau Silhouette mission is like no other. It will create a shopping environment in which mothers, bridesmaids, and flower girls, as well as the bride, are catered to. This establishment will have the option to rent, buy or sell! It is created to work with your budget.


Le Chateau Silhouette vision statement is that "We're a community that dreams big and believes that all our clients shall have a memorable experience!

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Service Offering

Le Chateau Silhouette will be offering a selection of gowns from bridal, bridesmaids, mother/father of the bride, flower girls, prom and pageant dresses and accessories. These services will be available in renting, buying, or purchasing. We will offer a wide variety of styles at different price points also working to assure the members of the party will have a wide selection of items, so that the customers feel fulfilled with that they've seen at our store and won't feel the need to shop around.

Meet The Team

Our team at Le Chateau Silhouette will welcome you with open arms. We believe in family values, catering to your needs and making a memorable moment for your dream days.

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Roberta Laymon


She is a Greenville, SC native that has a passion for wedding and event planning. Enjoy meeting new people and making sure her clients are having and exceptional experience at Le Chateau Silhouette Boutique.

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Briajaha Norris


She is the eldest daughter of Roberta Laymon and will be there to assist with each and every client to make sure that the perfect gown is for your bridal team.

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Saniyah Freeman

Jr. Consultant

She is the youngest daughter of Roberta Laymon and will be there for all the proms, pageants and flower girl needs.

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From The Owner

Le Chateau Silhouette Boutique is here to make a statement and have every woman and girl feel amazing without breaking the bank! We want to experience the “yes’ moments and give you the best experience ever!

We have a range of sizes and selection of Wedding gowns and formal wear including bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.

Le Chateau Silhouette Boutique will be an understatement with the various of selections and welcoming experience our client will experience!

-Roberta J. Laymon